Fashion Advice For Men – Keep It Simple

For many people, quantity reigns over quality; however, by wearing high quality items of lesser quantity that can be mixed and matched, a wardrobe can provide a variety of looks while remaining in good shape for years to come. When mixing up a few pieces of clothing, it is essential to follow a few rules: choose colors that match one another and choose articles of clothing that fit well to avoid a messy appearance.

Good quality items appear more costly on the onset, but by withstanding wear and tear, they last a lot longer than cheaper clothes and end up being more cost-efficient in the long-run. For this reason, it’s wise to pick pieces that are of high quality and can be matched with other items in the wardrobe.

Short-Sleeve Dress Shirt

Short-sleeve dress shirts are commonly worn at work; however, these can be paired with cardigans for a preppy or casual look for later in the day or for weekend wear. For nighttime wear on the weekend, a dress shirt paired with a double-breasted jacket or sport coat is both comfortable and stylish. Light-colored shirts will provide good contrast to coordinate with the rest of the wardrobe. Choose 5 dress shirts for the week.


A cardigan is a versatile item. A cardigan can be worn over a t-shirt, under a short-sleeved dress shirt or simply worn by itself. Choosing cardigans in gray and wearing dress shirts or t-shirts of lighter colors, such as white, is fashionable. Stick to dark colors for cardigans, but avoid wearing black unless many pieces in the wardrobe are also solid black. A black cardigan provides too stark a contrast compared to grays and browns. When choosing colors of any piece of clothing, choose colors that are within a few shades of one another to mix and match.


Oxfords are always classic. They typically come in brown and black; however black fairs better in matching than brown with various pieces of clothing. Oxfords can also be found in gray. Along with being ever-classic, Oxfords look appropriate with both dress pants and jeans.

Dress Pants

Dress pants are useful for work, but also for nights out on the town. It may be tempting to choose a few pairs of dress pants, but with frequent use, despite the quality, will wear down with each wear and washing. It’s best to opt for dry cleaning where possible and to choose 5 pairs of dress pants.


Every man should have a pair or two of jeans. Jeans can be paired with cardigans, dress shirts, t-shirts and even a double-breasted jacket. “Skinny” jeans are no longer in, but form-fitting ones are. Opting for a slightly looser look will withstand trend changes by providing an ever-classic look. Dark blue to black jeans will match just about every piece in a wardrobe and can be worn on the weekends. Picking a pair of each ensures a match every time.


A scarf is another must. Although it is reserved for special occasions when the weather is nippy, it serves to dress up any ensemble instantly. A scarf can be paired with a sport coat or a double-breasted jacket if worn hung down, rather than wrapped around the neck. It can be worn around the neck with a cardigan. Choose a gray or black scarf.


Every man needs a few t-shirts—whether to lounge around in to hang out in for the day. Choose t-shirts of the finest cotton and quality for both comfort and durability. Choose t-shirts that can be paired with the rest of the wardrobe. T-shirts are the one item that can afford a bit of color variety. Overall, stick with lighter colored t-shirts, but as for the logos or wording they contain, opt for vibrant colors to allow for variation in the ensemble.

Single- and double-breasted suit comparison

Single- and double-breasted suit comparison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Choose either a double-breasted jacket or sport coat that looks appropriate for both work and play. These can be worn on-top of cardigans, t-shirts or dress shirt for an instant sophisticated upgrade. Black is too sophisticated of a color to pull off for both work and a night out. Choosing a dark gray jacket is best; however, for professional office wear and upscale nights out, black works well.

The idea of dressing simple pertains to keeping articles of clothing within color groupings that accentuate one another. However, vary the colors so that any ensemble produced from the choices of clothing will not appear monotone. Stick with light t-shirts and dress shirts, dark colored cardigans, pants and jackets. Black can be used, but grays are best for coordination and providing a softer appearance.

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My Pandora’s Box Review by Vin Dicarlo

So I’ve read many different reports on Vin Dicarlo’s program which is aptly named Pandora’s Box. I think it’s a great name for a product btw, but that is besides the point.

There are literally hundreds of youtube videos with reviews or discussions about the program.

This one was great:

So after checking it out for myself, I realized I would post my thoughts here.

So what is it?

It’s a system that can be used to find out about women and how they will respond in certain situations. For example some girls are more flirty, some girls are more reserved. Ultimately there are 8 different types of women (much like the Myers Briggs personality test which has 16 types of personalities).

I think Vin used 8 different types so you only need to find out 3 different things about each woman, in contrast to the having to answer 4 questions to determine 16 different types of women.

I’ve been using it for a few months now and I have to say, while it is not 100% effective, it definitely works way more than it doesn’t. I also love the fact that I can use it to quickly screen girls that I am meeting. What’s funny is as I was learning it, I watched the trailer for this movie called Pandora’s Promise which was great, but totally different.

brunetteFor example, my favorite type of woman is the Modern Woman (as opposed to me not being attracted to the playette for example). So if I meet a woman who I determine is a playette, I can quickly decide I do not want engage with her. But if it’s a type I am attracted to, then it’s game on.

For that alone, the program is worth it.

But there is so much more. For example the program will teach you how to escalate with each type of women. What to say to them. How to act in front of them, heck it even gives body language tips that each type will respond to. In fact, I recently found this other pandora’s box review who shared my same thoughts.

The best part is I now can see all the mistakes I’ve made in the past were because I was using one technique that had worked before on a different type of woman, and it didn’t work on another type.

At the time I was super confused why I was not having success with her. But now when I use the system, I can quickly determine her type and then adapt my game to make sure I am doing the right things to get them attracted to me.

I guess that’s why it’s called Pandora’s Box. It opens up a whole new world.

The Difference Between A Playful Neg And An Insult

There is a fine line between negging a woman and completely insulting her.

Unfortunately, few guys know how to walk that line.

Too many guys try to act cool and nonchalant and put a woman down in the hopes that this will somehow magically, miraculously make the girl crazy about them. This method of attraction usually fails.

The idea behind “negging” or gently putting a woman down by teasing is to establish right off the bat that the guy does not see the girl as some princess up on a pedestal who is untouchable. The theory behind a “neg” is to bring that hot girl down to his level.

But most guys are woefully inadequate at doing this effectively.

They either outright insult the girl, or hurt her feelings, or piss her off.

The best advice is unless a guy knows exactly the right tone and perfect way to neg a woman without ticking her off, he’s better off avoiding this strategy.

Of course, a guy who is a pro at teasing and joking around stands a much better chance of successfully negging a girl.

And, the reality is, that it is much less important what is said, and more crucial how it is said. For instance, you can call someone a “jerk” if you are laughing and have a playful tone.

If you are angry and say it in a nasty manner, that is completely a different situation.

However, calling a woman a name like the b-word, has a much less chance of being taken as a joke even with laughing and a playful tone.

That is one reason why any “negging” done over the phone through texting can be extremely dangerous.

It is way too easy to step on the wrong side of the line and end up insulting the girl you are interested in.

In fact, because there is such a fine line between effectively negging a girl and flat-out insulting her, it is best to just avoid negging all together.

Of, if you insist on trying this method out, then start out very gently and see how what you say is perceived.

Here is an example of taking it to far to get her attention (from the Gawker):
Pick-Up Artist Admits Slashing Tires So He Could Hit on Female Drivers. I mean are you kidding me?!?

For instance, you might try teasing a girl you aren’t very interested in. That way if it all goes down the drain, it hasn’t happened with your dream girl.

And start small. You might tease her with a line you’ve practiced or heard someone else do effectively. Try, at least at first, not to do it off the cuff. That is where you are likely to get into the most trouble. Instead, use common negs you’ve heard about from other guys and make sure your situation warrants it.

Then, if it seemed successful — she laughed and smiled — then you could try going a bit further the next time you attempt it.

It can be a very effective strategy, not only to bring a hot girl down to your level regardless of which type of girl she is, but also to show you have confidence and aren’t afraid of a little teasing.

Besides, teasing itself is a great way to flirt. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.

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5 Simple Tips To Become A Better Texter

Text This GirlLong gone are the days when a guy saw a cute girl, finagled her phone number out of her and then called to arrange a date. Full disclosure, most of these were learned from this site:

Nowadays, the goal is still getting the cute girl’s number, but instead of calling, a guy needs to know how to text the girl first.

Most people in the dating arena text instead of call so any guy who has crappy text game is going to lose out to the next fellow who’s got it going on.

One of the most important things to know about texting a girl is what you shouldn’t do. Let’s take a look at some common, but deadly mistakes that guys make when learning how to text a girl.

Knowledge is power and half the battle of becoming successful at something is knowing what to NOT do.

Accoring to here are the top five things to avoid when texting a girl that you like:

Tip #1
Being long-winded. When you send a text, this is not the time to ramble on and try to have some deep conversation. Save that for your in-person meeting. Instead, aim to keep your texts much like tweets, short, sweet, witty and concise. If you can’t think of something clever to say, put down the phone until you can come up with something. If you’re totally at a loss, turn to guides to texting.

Tip #2
Telling the girl you like her. Never do this. Ever. This is a sure-fire attraction killer. This rule applies for the most part when you are with a girl in person, as well. Those words never need to come out of your mouth, at least not until you are in a serious relationship. Otherwise, if you are worried she thinks you don’t like her, show her. Just don’t tell her. Actions speak louder than words, anyway.

Tip #3
Thinking you can build attraction with your words alone. Again, actions speak louder than words. You can only do so much over text. Unless you’ve already been intimate with a woman, all you can truly do over text is spark her curiosity and interest. The actual attraction needs to take place in person. (See mistake number five below).

Tip #4
Saying something that can be misconstrued. Just like on social media, be careful that what you say can’t be mistaken as something that is insulting or gives an impression you hadn’t intended. Never forget that tone can’t be conveyed by text and can easily cause a misunderstanding.

Tip #5
Forgetting that texting is a tool/losing sight of the goal.
So many guys get caught up in learning the coolest, wittiest, freshest thing to text a girl that they get too caught up in the game and lose sight of the goal. Never forget that texting is simply a tool to arrange an in-person meeting. If you keep the goal in mind, you’ll be golden.

The Top 5 Texting Mistakes That Guys Make

Relationships both flare in attraction and wane in intensity merely based on texting interactions. That’s how important learning how to text a girl is in today’s dating world.

I’ve heard numerous stories about how one simple, seemingly innocent text can make or break a budding romance.

In fact, the new trend is to break up with someone on text. How cold and impersonal is that?

So, what’s a guy who wants to be adept at texting girls do?SMS: Text Messaging Gets Redesigned

Well, the first thing a guy needs to realize is that pleading ignorance about texting as a dating tool or using it the wrong way can easily be his downfall. He won’t be the first guy who is sitting home alone on a Friday night because he didn’t bother to figure out the right way to text a girl.

Sometimes figuring out the right way to do something is as easy as determining the wrong way to do it. In other words, you can learn how to do something by avoiding the things that cause sure failure.

Here are some pitfalls that men should avoid when it comes to texting.

Mistake #1
Replying Right Away. Texting is fun. It’s like a game and the fun part about replying is that you can anticipate a response back. But you aren’t using your head if you immediately reply to a girl every time. Once in a while, it is okay, but most of the time, you should vary your response time. After all, you’re a busy guy, not sitting around on the couch waiting for her to text you, right? (Even if you are sitting around waiting for her text that is the last thing you want her to know.)

Mistake #2
Revealing Too Much. Keep your texts short, simple, and concise. Don’t tell her too much. In fact, be a bit vague if at all possible.

Mistake #3
Crossing the line. Joking about something inappropriate or getting too sexual without being aware of how not knowing your tone, what you said could be misinterpreted. Don’t say anything that could be misunderstood. Don’t joke or tease like you would in person. Also, blatant sexual talk that could be teasing in person can come off creepy by text.

Mistake #4
Boring her. Whatever you do, don’t send a text that might make you look boring. If you are sitting around in your underwear watching TV and she asks what you are doing, don’t tell her this. Either be vague or make something interesting up (without lying). You could say you are researching your next vacation and looking at how long you could stay in Tibet. Don’t be boring. Don’t ever let her know you are not doing something thrilling and exciting.

Mistake #5
Drunk Texting. Because texting is actually a tool and must be used strategically to either build attraction or arrange in in-person meeting, men must only text when they are sober and in complete control of what they are saying. A guy who had a few too many beers and spills his heart out to a woman by text or expressing un-alpha male type traits, such as jealousy, will probably destroy that relationship. Don’t do it.

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Three Easy Steps To Get A Girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend in three easy steps.

It’s ironic that so many women out there are guarding their hearts thinking that every guy they encounter is just after one thing. Most women, on the other hand, are looking for a relationship.

Well, they would be surprised to learn that the majority (sure, not every single guy), but the majority of men out there really just want to find a girlfriend to spend time with. But first let’s look at what a girlfriend is according to this Dictionary site.

Get A Girlfriend Like ThisIn actuality, it makes sense. Guys for the most part like that sense of stability. They like knowing that there is someone who turns them on and whom they like that they can spend time with. It’s a lot easier than being on the prowl and hoping to seduce some willing woman into their bed.

I’m not saying there aren’t guys out there just like that. And I’m also not saying that most guys don’t want to go through a stage like that. What I am saying is that despite what most women think, men are pretty darn happy when they find someone cool to hang out with on a regular basis.

But guys, if you are one of the men looking for a steady girl, you have to realize that most women have the misconception that a guy is going to possibly use and abuse them, but you can counteract that wariness with a few simple steps.

Here are three easy steps in how to get a girlfriend.

Step One:

For the first minute you meet a girl, convey that you are someone she can trust. By your attitude, actions, and manner show you are an honest guy with integrity.

But beware, this does not mean you tell her everything about you. You need to keep a bit of yourself mysterious. If you are too open and honest, laying it all on the line, she’s going to lose her attraction toward you and stick you firmly in the friend zone.

Your goal is going to be to walk that fine line between building trust, honesty, and keeping the flames fanned.

Step Two:

When you meet a woman, immediately make it clear that you aren’t like every other guy out there trying to attract her attention. One way to do this is to tease her in a funny way. Don’t say anything that will be hurtful, but tease her so she knows you do not place her on a pedestal and that she does not intimidate you.

Step Three:

Build attraction between you and a woman from the first minute you meet. You can do this with body language and eye contact and the right type of touch. Too many men touch in the wrong way and it ends up scaring or turning women off.

The right way to touch to generate attraction is a light, brief touch on the arm. But a truly sexy way to touch a woman is to lean over and gently touch her on her lower back as you listen to what she has to say. You can also do this while maneuvering around her in a crowded room.

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How To Become A Pick Up Artist

One of the great mysteries in life is how to become a good pick up artist. Anyone can educate himself by following the specific technique that has been proven to work no matter what a man looks like. Even if a man does not make tons of money, he can learn how to date women who look like they should be on the cover of a magazine. The technique is easy to acquire.

The first mistake men make is approaching attractive women. That’s right; it is not the right tactic to go up to a woman that they see in a bar, for example. How would a man who is ordinary make a stunning woman want to talk to him?

What men need to remember is that the most desirable women are always being approached by men; it is nothing special. To make himself stand out and become successful, he has to sit down right next to this type of woman and completely ignore her. She will be distraught, because a man is not talking to her and she will wonder what is wrong.

She will have to find out what the problem is, and she will not be able to resist being the one to talk to him first. Some women are brazen when they first speak to a man; the first words out of their mouths might be, “Aren’t you going to buy me a drink?” They are expecting men to want to do this, but when they encounter a pick up artist, they have come in contact with a rare breed.

The answer to her question is something along the lines of, “I don’t buy women drinks.” Although this may sound harsh, it is actually a line that makes women offer to buy the men drinks!Now that the women have broken the ice, a good PUA is free to engage her in conversation, but there are some subjects that the PUA should stay away from.

One of those is politics. This subject has the potential to lead to a heated argument if her politics are much different from the PUAs beliefs. An argument would certainly detract from an amorous evening, so opinionated matters are to be avoided at all cost and are not on the agenda when a guy first learns various ways to flirt (check out for more examples).. The subjects that are safe are those that concentrate on popular culture such as the latest singer to win a singing contest.

Mystery pictured with fellow PUA Bravo (left) ...

Mystery pictured with fellow PUA Bravo (left) and a SIN (from THE GAME) at a Neil Strauss's house for the VH1 season 2 wrap party. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing the PUA community has been accused of is encouraging men to abuse women. This characterization is definitely not the case. A true pick up artist does not have to coerce anyone into anything. He never has to touch the women in order to convince them to go to bed with them. If a woman goes home with a pick up artist and resists having sex with him, these men are advised to tell these women that they do not want to force them to do anything they don’t want to do and to leave.

That is the end of the story.

The part that is true about the PUA community is that deception is used, but this is harmless; it does not hurt a woman to be lied to, after all, these two people are strangers to one another and women are not immune to lying to men.

One of the things that men are advised to lie to women about is their job. A man who has a job at the local convenience store is not going to impress highly attractive women. They are looking for men who can take care of them financially, and a man who works in the convenience store cannot fill this need. The solution is to tell the women what they want to hear. You are a doctor, a lawyer, whatever you can think of that earns a lot of money.

A man has no need to feel ashamed of this deception. Any woman who goes to bed with him because he said he was a doctor is worthy of the disappointment she receives. Women are responsible for their own actions, just like men are responsible for their actions, but because men are not forcing these women to do anything, it is completely the women’s choice.

What NOT To Do To Impress Girls

Sometimes the best way to accomplish your goal is to know what pitfalls to avoid on the way.  When it comes to impressing a girl, it is crucial that you know what to avoid along with what to do.

Here are a few things that are best avoided when you are trying to impress a girl.

What Not To Do Tip #1

1. Brag or show off. This might possibly be the worst thing you can do if you are trying to impress a girl. It’s also the most dangerous thing because it is the natural path that men steer toward when they try to impress a girl.

Telling a girl how smart you are or how rich are or how popular you are with the ladies, is going to backfire.

The truly cool men don’t have to talk about it.

In fact, they keep mum. And then, voila, what ends up happening is that eventually she finds out that you own a Maserati or that you are a famous scientist or that you own your own island and she will be blown away fascinated with you because you never felt the need to share this with her when you first met.

What Not To Do Tip #2Cute Girl In Bikini

2. Grope her or be crude. So many dates are going along swimmingly when the guy blows it by doing something immature and crude, such as grabbing a breast or an ass or saying something nasty to her. I don’t care if you are imagining all the dirty things you want to do to her when you get back to her place later, keep it inside.

Once you have a relationship established you can determine whether she likes to be groped or likes dirty talk, but until then, avoid it if you want to impress her.

What Not To Do Tip #3

3. Don’t try to impress her by taking her out to a fancy dinner or showering her with gifts. Show her a good time by being creative instead of spending money.

Let’s face it, any guy can fork over a lot of money for a fancy dinner at a restaurant, but not any guy can arrange for a fiddler to serenade her during a beach picnic.

Not any guy can set up a scavenger hunt in his neighborhood for gourmet dinner supplies and then arrange a rooftop dinner by candlelight.

Check out this great article on MSN about the Dumb Things Guys Do To Impress Girls.

Nobody wants to think that a guy is trying to buy her affection. Any woman who responds to this is probably trying to use you or is damaged goods.

You can make sure you are dating a woman who likes you for who you are, not what you can give her.

Impress her by showing you are a guy who knows how to have a good time and is creative enough to keep her entertained without having to shower her with gifts or money. Anyone who responds to that is bad news.

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Some Advice On Finding A Girlfriend

Women, they are subject that most men think about pretty consistently throughout the day. After all, why wouldn’t they? We are naturally programmed to be attracted to them and societal mores dictate that we pair off with them. However, it can be hard to attract women and even harder to get a girlfriend. The dating scene is brutal. Bars, social events, community organizations, and church groups, all traditional ways in which people used to meet are leaving many would be daters high and dry. Moreover, the introduction of social media and online dating websites into the mix has only further complicated the situation. What’s then a guy to do? Simply shrug his shoulders, hang his nose, and resign himself to the fact that he’ll spend his life single and alone?

Of course not!

As the large number of men in fulfilling relationships can attest to, while finding that special someone can definitely be hard, it is not impossible. There are steps that an individual can take that will help him meet that special someone.

A key step in finding a girlfriend is making sure that you look good. Now, this is not some sort of superficial commentary on someone’s personal attributes. No one is advocating that you go and get plastic surgery or even turn into a gym rat. Instead, make sure to make the most of what you already have, which regardless of what you may think, is probably a lot. Perhaps a wardrobe change is in order. Find clothes that suit you and your personal sense of style. Maybe most importantly find clothes that either boost your self confidence or make you appear confident. Women are drawn to a confident man, a point that will be elaborated on further. Additionally, whether it is right or wrong, a lot of women base their first impressions on how someone outwardly presents themselves. This means if you dress like a bum, people will assume that you are a bum.

Building on a point made in the previous paragraph, it is of the utmost importance to be confident. Confidence is a natural turn on and will help a guy get a girlfriend. Women do not want to be around someone who is always depressed and putting themselves down. Men like that are scorned for two main reasons. First, simply put, a Debbie Downer is no fun to be around; they’re depressing. Women want their boyfriends to be fun because they want to be able to have a good time. A good time will not be had if they are spending all of their time dealing with their boyfriend’s baggage. Second, someone who lacks confidence will likely not be seen as a successful life partner. A girlfriend is probably looking for a secure future with the man she is with. An individual who lacks confidences generally does not give off an air of success.

Be outgoing. In order to meet women you have to be able to talk to them and being social is a key part of that. The inability to be outgoing will greatly hamper someone’s ability to get a date. Think about it, if you are unable to talk to a woman then how will you get one to go out with you? Moreover, even if you do manage to get a girl out on a date, without being outgoing and social, the date will be an awkward mess of silence and stilted conversation. It is imperative that a man be able to carry on a conversation with a woman if he wants a girlfriend.

Finally, make sure to be honest about who you are. Don’t paint an inaccurate picture of who you are and what you do just as a way to impress someone. While gross exaggerations and misrepresentations may help land dates and possible romantic conquests, honestly will help a man get a girlfriend.

So while today’s dating climate is tough and it is difficult to meet people, it is by no means impossible. Try following these helpful hints and you too will be able to get a girlfriend.

How To Make Women Smile

There really is no big secret way to making women smile. But there are definite tips and techniques that can increase your chances of making this happen.

Why is it so important to make a woman smile? Well, there are so many reasons why this is a good thing. Let’s take a look at a couple of them:

*If a woman is smiling, there is a good chance she has let her defenses down. Women are constantly approached in society and have learned over time that they need to often keep their guard up to avoid being bombarded by men at their every turn. If you can make a woman smile, she has temporarily let this guard down and that means you will have a shot at showing her what a great guy you are and how you have a lot to offer her simply by talking to her.

*If a woman is smiling, there is also a good chance that she likes you. Women are taught by experience and society that so many things they do can be misconstrued as signals of interest. Because of that, a woman might be very careful about who she smiles at. Women send very subtle signs that they like a guy and smiling at him is one of them. So if she is smiling at you, there is a good chance she likes you. Whether that is as a friend or more, is probably yet to be determined. The ball is now in your court.

*If a woman is smiling this is also a good indicator that she is someone you probably want to spend time with. Which would you prefer? A grumpy faced model-type woman (say a 10 on the scale) or an 8 who has a friendly, engaging smile? If you say the 10, you are destined for misery and heartache, by the way. Just kidding. But most men looking for a healthy relationship know to pick the girl who is smiling.

*If a woman is smiling, there is a good chance she is the type of woman who wouldn’t mind if you come up and talk to her (be sure to check these examples). Remember what I said earlier: women don’t send out strong indicators of interest. They are brought up that they should be pursued. If they are interested in talking to a guy, there is probably going to be little indication of that other than eye contact and a smile. If a guy sits around and expects her to do something more definitive, that is not going to work. He’s going to lose out on that opportunity to another man who is more skilled in how to read a woman’s body language.

If you take some time to realize how important making women smile is, you will be that man who is ahead of the game. Taking a little bit of time to make a girl smile and realizing what that smile means could mean the difference between going home alone or going home with a smiling, happy woman on your arm.