The Difference Between A Playful Neg And An Insult

There is a fine line between negging a woman and completely insulting her.

Unfortunately, few guys know how to walk that line.

Too many guys try to act cool and nonchalant and put a woman down in the hopes that this will somehow magically, miraculously make the girl crazy about them. This method of attraction usually fails.

The idea behind “negging” or gently putting a woman down by teasing is to establish right off the bat that the guy does not see the girl as some princess up on a pedestal who is untouchable. The theory behind a “neg” is to bring that hot girl down to his level.

But most guys are woefully inadequate at doing this effectively.

They either outright insult the girl, or hurt her feelings, or piss her off.

The best advice is unless a guy knows exactly the right tone and perfect way to neg a woman without ticking her off, he’s better off avoiding this strategy.

Of course, a guy who is a pro at teasing and joking around stands a much better chance of successfully negging a girl.

And, the reality is, that it is much less important what is said, and more crucial how it is said. For instance, you can call someone a “jerk” if you are laughing and have a playful tone.

If you are angry and say it in a nasty manner, that is completely a different situation.

However, calling a woman a name like the b-word, has a much less chance of being taken as a joke even with laughing and a playful tone.

That is one reason why any “negging” done over the phone through texting can be extremely dangerous.

It is way too easy to step on the wrong side of the line and end up insulting the girl you are interested in.

In fact, because there is such a fine line between effectively negging a girl and flat-out insulting her, it is best to just avoid negging all together.

Of, if you insist on trying this method out, then start out very gently and see how what you say is perceived.

Here is an example of taking it to far to get her attention (from the Gawker):
Pick-Up Artist Admits Slashing Tires So He Could Hit on Female Drivers. I mean are you kidding me?!?

For instance, you might try teasing a girl you aren’t very interested in. That way if it all goes down the drain, it hasn’t happened with your dream girl.

And start small. You might tease her with a line you’ve practiced or heard someone else do effectively. Try, at least at first, not to do it off the cuff. That is where you are likely to get into the most trouble. Instead, use common negs you’ve heard about from other guys and make sure your situation warrants it.

Then, if it seemed successful — she laughed and smiled — then you could try going a bit further the next time you attempt it.

It can be a very effective strategy, not only to bring a hot girl down to your level regardless of which type of girl she is – which you can learn at this Pandoras Box System website, but also to show you have confidence and aren’t afraid of a little teasing.

Besides, teasing itself is a great way to flirt. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.

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5 Simple Tips To Become A Better Texter

Text This GirlLong gone are the days when a guy saw a cute girl, finagled her phone number out of her and then called to arrange a date. Full disclosure, most of these were learned from this site:

Nowadays, the goal is still getting the cute girl’s number, but instead of calling, a guy needs to know how to text the girl first.

Most people in the dating arena text instead of call so any guy who has crappy text game is going to lose out to the next fellow who’s got it going on.

One of the most important things to know about texting a girl is what you shouldn’t do. Let’s take a look at some common, but deadly mistakes that guys make when learning how to text a girl.

Knowledge is power and half the battle of becoming successful at something is knowing what to NOT do.

Accoring to here are the top five things to avoid when texting a girl that you like:

Tip #1
Being long-winded. When you send a text, this is not the time to ramble on and try to have some deep conversation. Save that for your in-person meeting. Instead, aim to keep your texts much like tweets, short, sweet, witty and concise. If you can’t think of something clever to say, put down the phone until you can come up with something. If you’re totally at a loss, turn to guides to texting.

Tip #2
Telling the girl you like her. Never do this. Ever. This is a sure-fire attraction killer. This rule applies for the most part when you are with a girl in person, as well. Those words never need to come out of your mouth, at least not until you are in a serious relationship. Otherwise, if you are worried she thinks you don’t like her, show her. Just don’t tell her. Actions speak louder than words, anyway.

Tip #3
Thinking you can build attraction with your words alone. Again, actions speak louder than words. You can only do so much over text. Unless you’ve already been intimate with a woman, all you can truly do over text is spark her curiosity and interest. The actual attraction needs to take place in person. (See mistake number five below).

Tip #4
Saying something that can be misconstrued. Just like on social media, be careful that what you say can’t be mistaken as something that is insulting or gives an impression you hadn’t intended. Never forget that tone can’t be conveyed by text and can easily cause a misunderstanding.

Tip #5
Forgetting that texting is a tool/losing sight of the goal.
So many guys get caught up in learning the coolest, wittiest, freshest thing to text a girl that they get too caught up in the game and lose sight of the goal. Never forget that texting is simply a tool to arrange an in-person meeting. If you keep the goal in mind, you’ll be golden.

Fashion Advice For Men – Keep It Simple

For many people, quantity reigns over quality; however, by wearing high quality items of lesser quantity that can be mixed and matched, a wardrobe can provide a variety of looks while remaining in good shape for years to come. When mixing up a few pieces of clothing, it is essential to follow a few rules: choose colors that match one another and choose articles of clothing that fit well to avoid a messy appearance.

Good quality items appear more costly on the onset, but by withstanding wear and tear, they last a lot longer than cheaper clothes and end up being more cost-efficient in the long-run. For this reason, it’s wise to pick pieces that are of high quality and can be matched with other items in the wardrobe.

Short-Sleeve Dress Shirt

Short-sleeve dress shirts are commonly worn at work; however, these can be paired with cardigans for a preppy or casual look for later in the day or for weekend wear. For nighttime wear on the weekend, a dress shirt paired with a double-breasted jacket or sport coat is both comfortable and stylish. Light-colored shirts will provide good contrast to coordinate with the rest of the wardrobe. Choose 5 dress shirts for the week.


A cardigan is a versatile item. A cardigan can be worn over a t-shirt, under a short-sleeved dress shirt or simply worn by itself. Choosing cardigans in gray and wearing dress shirts or t-shirts of lighter colors, such as white, is fashionable. Stick to dark colors for cardigans, but avoid wearing black unless many pieces in the wardrobe are also solid black. A black cardigan provides too stark a contrast compared to grays and browns. When choosing colors of any piece of clothing, choose colors that are within a few shades of one another to mix and match.


Oxfords are always classic. They typically come in brown and black; however black fairs better in matching than brown with various pieces of clothing. Oxfords can also be found in gray. Along with being ever-classic, Oxfords look appropriate with both dress pants and jeans.

Dress Pants

Dress pants are useful for work, but also for nights out on the town. It may be tempting to choose a few pairs of dress pants, but with frequent use, despite the quality, will wear down with each wear and washing. It’s best to opt for dry cleaning where possible and to choose 5 pairs of dress pants.


Every man should have a pair or two of jeans. Jeans can be paired with cardigans, dress shirts, t-shirts and even a double-breasted jacket. “Skinny” jeans are no longer in, but form-fitting ones are. Opting for a slightly looser look will withstand trend changes by providing an ever-classic look. Dark blue to black jeans will match just about every piece in a wardrobe and can be worn on the weekends. Picking a pair of each ensures a match every time.


A scarf is another must. Although it is reserved for special occasions when the weather is nippy, it serves to dress up any ensemble instantly. A scarf can be paired with a sport coat or a double-breasted jacket if worn hung down, rather than wrapped around the neck. It can be worn around the neck with a cardigan. Choose a gray or black scarf.


Every man needs a few t-shirts—whether to lounge around in to hang out in for the day. Choose t-shirts of the finest cotton and quality for both comfort and durability. Choose t-shirts that can be paired with the rest of the wardrobe. T-shirts are the one item that can afford a bit of color variety. Overall, stick with lighter colored t-shirts, but as for the logos or wording they contain, opt for vibrant colors to allow for variation in the ensemble.

Single- and double-breasted suit comparison

Single- and double-breasted suit comparison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Choose either a double-breasted jacket or sport coat that looks appropriate for both work and play. These can be worn on-top of cardigans, t-shirts or dress shirt for an instant sophisticated upgrade. Black is too sophisticated of a color to pull off for both work and a night out. Choosing a dark gray jacket is best; however, for professional office wear and upscale nights out, black works well.

The idea of dressing simple pertains to keeping articles of clothing within color groupings that accentuate one another. However, vary the colors so that any ensemble produced from the choices of clothing will not appear monotone. Stick with light t-shirts and dress shirts, dark colored cardigans, pants and jackets. Black can be used, but grays are best for coordination and providing a softer appearance.

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