5 Simple Tips To Become A Better Texter

Text This GirlLong gone are the days when a guy saw a cute girl, finagled her phone number out of her and then called to arrange a date. Full disclosure, most of these were learned from this site: http://www.puaforums.com

Nowadays, the goal is still getting the cute girl’s number, but instead of calling, a guy needs to know how to text the girl first.

Most people in the dating arena text instead of call so any guy who has crappy text game is going to lose out to the next fellow who’s got it going on.

One of the most important things to know about texting a girl is what you shouldn’t do. Let’s take a look at some common, but deadly mistakes that guys make when learning how to text a girl.

Knowledge is power and half the battle of becoming successful at something is knowing what to NOT do.

Accoring to PUAForums.com here are the top five things to avoid when texting a girl that you like:

Tip #1
Being long-winded. When you send a text, this is not the time to ramble on and try to have some deep conversation. Save that for your in-person meeting. Instead, aim to keep your texts much like tweets, short, sweet, witty and concise. If you can’t think of something clever to say, put down the phone until you can come up with something. If you’re totally at a loss, turn to guides to texting.

Tip #2
Telling the girl you like her. Never do this. Ever. This is a sure-fire attraction killer. This rule applies for the most part when you are with a girl in person, as well. Those words never need to come out of your mouth, at least not until you are in a serious relationship. Otherwise, if you are worried she thinks you don’t like her, show her. Just don’t tell her. Actions speak louder than words, anyway.

Tip #3
Thinking you can build attraction with your words alone. Again, actions speak louder than words. You can only do so much over text. Unless you’ve already been intimate with a woman, all you can truly do over text is spark her curiosity and interest. The actual attraction needs to take place in person. (See mistake number five below).

Tip #4
Saying something that can be misconstrued. Just like on social media, be careful that what you say can’t be mistaken as something that is insulting or gives an impression you hadn’t intended. Never forget that tone can’t be conveyed by text and can easily cause a misunderstanding.

Tip #5
Forgetting that texting is a tool/losing sight of the goal.
So many guys get caught up in learning the coolest, wittiest, freshest thing to text a girl that they get too caught up in the game and lose sight of the goal. Never forget that texting is simply a tool to arrange an in-person meeting. If you keep the goal in mind, you’ll be golden.

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