Seven Tips On Peacocking

Learning how to pick up women is not as hard as some men may think. There are some challenges that lie ahead, but almost any man can successfully score with women of all backgrounds if he is willing to master the fine art of peacocking.

PeacockingWhat is peacocking? This is a popular question that is asked by many single men all around the globe. It came about by guys who are trying to make themselves standout and is a common term on sites such as, hence it’s recent popularity amongst guys today. Also sites like are educating guys on how to be more stylish (such as this article: this fine art revolves around one making his presence known to women. Research shows that women are attracted to men who stand out in crowds at bars, night clubs, restaurants, and the street. One must use certain tools and techniques in order to stand out in the crowd. Men who stand out are known to get the most play with the ladies.

Here are seven tips on how to peacock:


One must have a distinct attitude. This attitude must be grounded in deep confidence. Women can tell if a guy is confident in himself. A confidant man makes any women feel more secure in being around him.

Women are notorious for being interested in dating men who have a take charge attitude. This type of attitude must be displayed upon the initial approach. One’s chances of being successful with his approach are high if he showcases a strong and confident attitude.

Black Pen Stripped Suit and White Shirt

Men in previous years were pretty flashy. They were known for wearing clothes that caught the attention of women with ease. Zoot suits and gangster suits were pretty popular in the former years. Zoot suit wearers and gangsters did not have any problems in attracting women. Their wardrobe made them more appealing in the eyes of the ladies.

A black pen stripped suit and white shirt can easily help any man score points with females. A black pen stripped suit is attractive and possesses a sense of dominance. One can easily be recognized in a crowd of men in a black pen stripped suit. A white shirt should be worn with the suit. Any loud colored tie can be worn with the suit and shirt. A yellow tie or pink tie will go well with this outfit.

Loud Colored Hard Bottom Shoes

A genuine pick up artist should be very conscious about the shoes he wears. Loud colored hard bottom shoes will go well with the black pen stripped suit and white shirt. Women go crazy over guys who wear these types of shoes. One must make sure that he picks a pair of shoes that goes well with his tie. The colors of the tie and shoes must always match.


Sunglasses play a great role in peacocking. Sunglasses make one appear to be mysterious. Mystery and intrigue are two known factors that drive women crazy.


A well polished wooden cane will go well with the attire described above. The cane should have an attractive gloss finish over the wood. This makes the cane look expensive. The can should have a metal or silver tip on the handle. This type of cane makes any man appear wealthy and distinguished.


Cologne should always be worn when peacocking. There are two main types of cologne. There are the spicy scents and the mild scents. The spicy scents seem to go well with older pick up artists. The mild scents seem to go well with the younger gentlemen who enjoy the art of peacocking. Cologne should be spray on the neck, the chest, and inner wrists. These areas are known to emit the fragrance once the body temperature rises. Women love men who wear nice smelling fragrances.

Driver’s Hat

A driver’s hat or top hat should be worn by every seasoned pick up artist. You should make certain that the hat complements your head and outfit.

Learning how to pick up women is not as hard as some fellows may think. Peacocking is an old art of being flamboyant around the ladies. This old art is known for being effective when it comes to drawing the ladies in. Using the tips listed above can help any pick up artist peacock like a seasoned veteran.

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